The No Text in the City Challenge

"Let it ring" -- is a city-wide push to get people off their cell phones while they're behind the wheel. Tuesday, the mayor of Amarillo issued a challenge to all of you who text while you drive.

Mayor Debra McCartt is urging people to take - "The No Text in the City Challenge" this weekend.

A recent report indicates that people who text while driving are four-times more likely to cause a car crash. However, some officials argue -- that statistic is probably off from actuality, which prompted the awareness campaign back in May

Businesses are encouraged to post - "Don't Text While Driving" - on signs or billboards. Now you are being asked to step up and commit to not text while driving. Something even Mayor McCartt admits is a tough habit to break.

"I know we can do without them and I personally - it's a change for me, it's going to be a change for a lot of folks, but it's very important that, that we are aware of them and how dangerous it can be."

McCartt also says that while hands-free devices may be better while driving -- the best solution is just to put the phone down completely until all gears are in park.