The new role of man's best friend

Veterans Day is full of deals and specials to show appreciation towards veterans and active duty military members.

The Panhandle Humane Society was no exception. They offered half priced adoptions for all veterans and active duty military members.

â??A lot of veterans, as well as a lot of other people just need something, some living being to be there with them, to listen to them, just to be with them,â?? said Jena Mcfall, executive director of the Panhandle Humane Society.

James Allen, a veteran, went to the humane society to look for a new pet. His previous dog was a guard dog and a companion.

Kheli Harless of Texas Paws Dog Training said service animals are become more popular with veterans.

They can be taught everything from opening and closing drawers, getting thing out of the refrigerator to helping people undress.

â??Depending on their disabilities or if they have PTSD, the dog can really be a benefit on a daily basis as far as companionship and also allowing them to have more freedom in doing the service behaviors for them,â?? Harless said.

However, she reminds that service animals should not be taken lightly.

â??They are very intellectual so they need daily stimulation and exercise. Otherwise, a service dog can actually become a huge problem. You canâ??t just use them for the things that would be great for you or just have them as a companion,â?? Harless said.