The Hope and Healing Place's open house

Some very popular Sesame Street characters visited Amarillo Sunday, to help celebrate an open house. The Hope and Healing Place hosted a reception to show off their new family room and memory garden.

Elmo and the Cookie Monster were on hand to help promote this Wednesday's PBS program "When Families Grieve" a show dedicated to show how families cope with the death of a loved one.

The two year renovation project included a new family room and memory garden which displays memorial birdhouses. Each family or person going through the Hope and Healing Place's program paints a special memorial birdhouse. Hundreds of these birdhouses are posted to the fence inside the memory garden.

"Our mission is to help a child or family have a safe place to talk about a family death. To be able to tell their story and to be able to receive the kind of support they need to work through both the grief to the healing that happens," said Bowen.

The Hope and Healing Place is one of 130 grief centers across America and is the only one here in the Panhandle.

For more information about the Hope and Healing Place or the "When Families Grieve" Program on PBS check out the links provided below.