The Hope & Healing Place offers a 'safe place' for the grieving

The Hope and Healing place is an organization offering a 'safe place' for grieving individuals, families, or children to deal with loss or tragedy in their lives.

From the outside, it blends in with the rest of the homes on the residential street. But inside, families, children, and adults can come together and talk about the things that no one wants to discuss; loss, suicide, and grief.

â??Hope and healing place is all about a safe place in which to share your story with other people who know what youâ??re going through as a way for your heart to mend,â?? said Lacey Turman, the director of the Jack Duncan Rhodes Teen Suicide Prevention Awareness program.

The mission of the organization is to provide a structured approach to age appropriate groups for children and â??lossâ?? specific groups for the adults, according to the organizationâ??s website. The end goal is to open a dialogue about the loss and help people to find others who they will be able to relate with and share their struggles.

â??It can be very, very comforting to be able to share your story with someone who understands what itâ??s like,â?? said Turman.

â??For some, they may not be ready to go through the process until maybe a year later. There is no specific day that you have to wait to start services. If youâ??ve been masking that pain and youâ??re finally ready to through that pain, then weâ??re here,â?? said Executive Director Tiffany Laur. â??There is no grief timeline, there is no magical day that people are just over grief. There is no right or wrong way to grieve. People may be in the same family and grieve differently from each other and so we found the key to healing is talking about it to other people that get it.â??

The organization uses certain times or days, like this monthâ??s Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month or next monthâ??s Childrenâ??s Grief Awareness Day on Nov. 20tth, to expand its outreach to the community and invite people to come to their location and share their story. Additionally, the organization just recently added the Jack Duncan Rhodes Teen Suicide Prevention Awareness program to help prevent loss before it happens.

â??So the hope and healing place has been centered around grief since we opened our doors. But we found in the area of teen suicide or suicide in general there is a lot that we can do beforehand. In fact, we would love nothing more than to put ourselves out of business in our prevention efforts,â?? said Turman.

The program just started this summer and is already developing a database online to match mental health professionals with teens or families or need. The mental health professional can go online and fill out a survey, filling in their qualifications and training, so that they can be properly matched to the teen who may be in crisis.

The organization is a non-profit and offers all of its services free of charge. They are able to fund their work through donations, grants, and fundraisers, with all of the money staying local to help people in the Amarillo and Panhandle area. They are currently still accepting donations and gifts from the JDR fundraiser.

To learn more about the organization and its support groups, click here.