The Home Depot renovates Amarillo VA in record time

The Home Depot made volunteer renovations to the Amarillo Veterans Affairs Health Care System, but the time of completion is surprising.

At 9:00 AM, volunteers showed up at the VA to build a new shade structure and wheel-chair accessible gardening boxes. The project, dubbed 'yard crasher style', was done in one afternoon.

"That was a surprise," Vietnam war veteran Dalton Spell said. "I think it's just great, just what they're doing. I think they're doing a superb job with it."

Over twenty Home Depot volunteers assisted, all coming from Amarillo Home Depot stores. On top of helping veterans, the process was an excellent team building exercise.

"It's a learning experience for our volunteers," Home Depot store manager Mitch Rusk said. "Plus we get to see some of the things we can accomplish when we work together as a team."

"I think every one of them oughta have a pat on the back and a big hug," Spell said.

In addition to being a war veteran, Mr. Spell was also a carpenter and according to him, the renovations had a solid foundation. Today's project was possible because of a $4,000 grant by The Home Depot.