The hidden epidemic, Child sex slaves

The life of a child is precious, and should not be bought or sold, but it's a tragedy to hear that the U.S. leads the world in the demand for child sex trafficking.

Traffick911 is a group that's devoted their time to saving those kids and putting a stop to the slavery.

Traffick911 made a stop in Amarillo for a free community awareness event for the prevention of domestic minor sex trafficking.

Not wanting to believe what they heard, attendees were shocked at the life stories of child sex slaves, like the little girl who would rather die but continued to live a nightmare to protect her baby sister from the same terrors.

Thousands of children in the U.S. are enslaved to this cruelty every year, but Traffick911 is working diligently to prevent the selling and trading of children, rescue those who are enslaved, and restore them with unconditional love.

"It's just overwhelming. The U.S. is the number one country demanding children for sex and that's a hard thing to wrap your mind around," said Executive Director of Traffick911, Deena Graves "But we're not going to give up until we stop this epidemic and we get these children out of this."

The fastest growing crime in the world, children whose innocence is stolen are expected to only live a short seven years while enslaved, while their pimps make around $200,000 a year on one child.

While you may not think your children are potential targets think again, Graves said the Amarillo area is high at risk because of the high poverty level and easy access through I-40 and truck stops.

"In the Amarillo area school district you have more than 14 hundred children registered as homeless in the district," said Graves "This means there are children who live on the streets and one out of three of them are at an extremely high risk for being forced into sexual slavery within 48 hours."

Graves said you can help by watching for signs of child victims and carefully acting on it. Teach your children to watch out and understand the dangers of social networking, talking with strangers, and even running away.

"When you look into the eyes of a little girl who's been sold say to 57 men in four days, there's total devastation," said graves "These children have so many layers of trauma in their life, not only from what these people do to them, but from what the system does to them and it's a very long process to recovery."

Traffick911 says it's trying to look under the surface and reach out to kids who need help.

A list of red flag signs for victims and other important information can be found on {<}{>}.