The Gun Talk: Where are guns legally allowed?

Gun control issues are on the minds of many Americans as the debate on gun use grows.

Many are left to question where they are allowed to carry guns, with or without a Concealed Handgun License. For Texas residents without a Concealed Handgun License, they are permitted to carry a handgun in their premises or vehicle. The gun cannot be in plain view.

Gun owners with a Concealed Handgun License may not carry their guns at the following locations:

Bar (Cannot be taken into a bar where more then half of their inventory is alcohol. There should be a 51% sign outside.)

Schools/Gun-Free Zones

School/Sporting events

Jail or prison

Churches or hospitals (Guns cannot be taken into a place of worship or hospital unless they fail to place a 30.06 sign outside of the building. Public hospitals are not permitted to use 30.006 signs.)

Secured airport areas

Also a concern to Texas residents are gun-free zones. Gun-free zones allow concealed handguns within their boundaries, but only if the gun holder has a concealed handgun license. Gun-free zones enhance the punishment if gun crimes are committed within school zone perimeters.