The government reopens and residents reflect

Sixteen days of the government shutdown finally came to an end Wednesday night.

National parks, federal services and agencies all reopened and thousands of furloughed workers returned to work.

â??I've got a simple message to all the dedicated and patriotic federal workers that have either worked without pay or forced off the job without the pay the past few weeks. including, much of my own staff. thank you,â?? said President Obama in a press conference Thursday morning.

The standoff is over and the government has unlocked its doors.

Now, people reflect.

â??I mean, if they didn't accomplish anything, it was pointless,â?? said Nadia Ortiz, WTAMU student.

People in the military, veterans and their families were undoubtedly affected.

â??The only reason my husband really joined the reserves after his active duty in the army was for Tricare. we have three kids and he was really worried that was going to start affecting it and everything. but when he found out, he was just so relieved that now they can go back to their normal routine,â?? said Kristin Wark, Amarillo resident.

Others are simply angry that it even came to that point.

â??Basically, it went to hades in a hand basket,â?? said Raven Phillips, WTAMU student.

For some, the past 16 days had little change in their day to day activities. The federal services, monuments and parks werenâ??t missed.

Mark Rohrer, a student at WTAMU said he was not affected by the shutdown.

â??It's really no big deal to me. I figured it'd be a short time anyways,â?? Rohrer said.

Relief came just in time. The legislation was passed just on the brink of a debt default.