The City of Clarendon is moving closer towards the sale of alcohol

Clarendon voters approved the sale of alcohol in the November elections.

The Clarendon City Council, on Tuesday, approved an ordinance to regulate the sale of alcohol.

The voters approved the sale of alcohol by a 55 percent vote in a county wide election in November.

This issue has been a controversial topic for the city, but businesses and the residents are moving forward.

"I think a few people are a little bit upset with it but I think if they just give it a little time, everything will be ok," said Trevor Leeper, resident.

The city saw a good year in sales tax revenue in 2013. It increased 17 percent from 2012. The city hopes the sale of alcohol will help maintain the upward trend.

"We're really hoping that with the passing of alcohol sales that that will help keep our sales tax income up and help hold where we are and hopefully bring in more revenue," said Chandra Eggemyer, director of economic development in Clarendon.

As of now, six businesses have submitted applications to sell alcohol.

Bar H BBQ 'n More, as well as the other five businesses are hoping that alcohol sales will bring in more profits.

"It's very exciting for usâ?¦ we work on a very small profit margin so we think this would really help increase it," said DeeDee Hommel, owner of Bar H BBQ 'n More.

"We have a lot of tourists and hunters that come through town and we think it will make a big impact on our business as well as the rest of the town. "

The businesses that apply must submit their application to City Hall, where the secretary will make sure they are not in violation of any ordinances. Afterwards, the application is sent to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for approval.

The approval process takes about 40 days.