The City of Amarillo receives results of the Community Health Assessment

Presentation of the Community Health Assessment

The Community Health Assessment is a self-reported, telephone survey that is conducted every three years in Amarillo.

The results of this year's assessment were presented Tuesday at Northwest Texas Hospital.

"We worked with Northwest [Texas Hospital] in a partnership where Northwest worked with North Texas Survey Research Center, said Matt Richardson, Amarillo Department of Public Health.

The survey is kept as similar as possible each year, according to Richardson.

The results indicated a rise in number of people getting vaccinations and checkups. Seatbelt use was also up, and there were fewer reports of strokes and heart attacks.

The study, however, also highlighted areas that need improvement. Dental care decreased, and the number of people who got flu shots declined. Obesity and diabetes rates were up, while physical activity was down.

The Texas Institute of Health took the data and recommended a Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP).

"The two that were recommended in the Community Health Improvement Plan are the risky sexual behavior, teenage pregnancy which is one area. And then, the second area is the mental health, behavioral health," said Camille Miller, president and CEO of Texas Health Institute.

Educational attainment and cultural norms that keep people in poverty are two other focuses that the Texas Institute of Health mentioned in the report.