Texting & driving can cost you in the city of Canyon

The signs are going up in the city of Canyon, "Don't text and drive", or be prepared to pay substantial fines.

For the next month, warnings will be issued, but after that, police will be actively searching for distracted drivers.

The streets of Canyon are a little safer today, or at least that's what city leaders and police are hoping for when it comes to their new ordinance about texting and driving.

Compliance is the buzz word and officials hope most people will just obey the law.

"I really believe we're going to gain voluntary compliance. People in general want to comply by the law. We have had the best response for the support of this particular law," said Police Chief, Dale Davis.

Drivers we spoke with say they're tired of seeing distracted people behind the wheel and are also hoping people will give up texting while sharing the road.

"Then you move over to get out of their way, because they're not driving correctly, and you look over and they're on the phone! And you're like, "Put your phone away" and all you have to do is wait 5 seconds. You'll be home in a minute and you don't need to be on your phone!" said Roxanne Jenkins, who was busy studying in the Student Union over at West Texas A&M.

City commissioners only approved the ban a few weeks ago and manager Randy Criswell said at the time he wasn't sure it would pass.

Now, he's glad the city leaders and resident shave stepped up to address the issue based on safety.

"Do I honestly believe everyone will stop texting and driving? No, I wish I could say I believe that, but I don't. But I think if just some people stop, then Canyon is a safer place to be."

Police will grant a one month grace period, then expect to see them issuing citations up to 200 per violation.

Chief Davis says they are considering a program where unmarked officers my drive beside you on the road and if they catch you texting, they'll radio to a marked unit to pull you over.