Texas Water Smart asks residents to continue water conservation


ess is more when it comes to watering your lawn and garden

according to statewide program Texas Water Smart.


hey're urging residents across the state to cut down on water

as the end of summer quickly approaches. The historical drought and triple-digit summer temperatures call attention to the critical need for water conservation.


otating sprinkler heads

are the newest technology in irrigation. They release water at a slower rate and allow it to soak into the soil without creating runoff.

"What we need to learn to do is water slower so the water can penetrate down into the root system and develop a deeper root system, and then let the top layer dry out," said Brooke Furrh of Custom Gardens in Amarillo. "Roots actually have an air exchange that most people don't realize. If we water everyday, plants can suffocate and die."

A Texas ordinance calls for new irrigation systems to have a rain and freeze sensor that detects when there's more than a quarter of an inch of rain, or when the weather is 32 degrees or below."

"It's a state ordinance now that all new irrigation systems have a rain and freeze sensor

," said Furrh. "I

f it's raining, usually above a quarter of an inch, or
if it's freezing outside, the sprinkler system will not come on."


"cycle and soak" approach also helps to cut ba

ck on water use.


hat you want to do is water for about 8 minutes then let the sprinkler system come about 1 to 2 hours later

," said Furrh.


et that first watering soak into the ground, and then water again and push deeper into the soil."