Texas to drop safety inspection sticker to single sticker for vehicles

The Texas Legislature passed a


eliminating the second inspection sticker from windshield.

According to the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers will have to get their vehicles inspected at 90 days before registering them.

Before, drivers were given one sticker for the inspection and one for the registration.

The policy will only require one sticker which drivers will get at registration after the vehicle inspection.

Drivers will pay a portion to the inspection station, and another portion that the inspection station would charge for the state at registration.

Both state vehicle inspectors and the DMV said it should not cost drivers any more than they pay now.

"It's still going to cost you the same amount of money,â?? Kwik Start Lube and Tuneâ??s Eddy Mercer said.

Mercer also said he doesnâ??t believe this new policy will affect inspection stations too much.

"I don't think it's going to cause any problem for the retail part of it, like us or any other sticker station"

This policy is an effort to combat fraudulent stickers.

Some residents Pronews 7 spoke with said they think this new policy will be a hassle.

"I'm not crazy about having to do the 90 days before our registration," Amarillo resident Carolyn Nuthman said.

But they agree the 2 million dollars it would save the state is a step in the right direction.

"If it saves the state money, then it's a good thing. Especially that much money,â?? Amarillo resident Jeannette McFarlin said.

The new policy would come into effect on March 2015.