Texas Theater will continue to be a fixture in Shamrock, EDC says

Texas Theater new owners to take over in May. (ABC 7 Amarillo)

The Shamrock Economic Development Corporation said Tuesday, it is committed to making the Texas Theater a fixture in Shamrock. The Shamrock EDC said Mike Walden and Michaelle Walden will take over daily operations of the theater beginning in May.

This decision has been met with controversy within the Shamrock community. Current theater operator Georgann Rion told ABC 7 News, “This is just going to hurt Shamrock so much because all of the people, our friends have said they're not going to come anymore. Not only not come to the theater but they're not going to come to Shamrock anymore."

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The Shamrock EDC said it has been revamping the theater with extensive upgrades over the last seven years, costing more than $170,000, including a $30,000 neon sign.

The City of Shamrock and The Shamrock EDC said they are determined to make movie watching at the Texas Theater one of its outstanding amenities for many years to come.

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