Texas street named after Justin Bieber

The new street sign in Forney, Texas. / CNN

Update Thursday 11aThe Justin Bieber Way street sign has been stolen.

According to the Dallas Morning News, the sign was taken either Wednesday night of Thursday morning.A new sign is already scheduled to be put up Thursday.

America is known for its celebrities... And of course its undoubted obsession with them.

We buy their clothing brands, perfumes and colognes and even.... drive on streets named after them.

That's right, in Forney, Texas, a street has been named after the teenage heart throb Justin Bieber.

Bieber Fever much?

According to the Associated Press, 11-year-old Caroline Gonzales was mayor for a day in the Dallas-area city and when she renamed part of Main Street for Bieber.

Gonzales was named mayor for a day because her father submitted and won an essay contest. The program was developed to get young people interested in municipal governments. She says she is a big fan of Justin Bieber.

A ceremony was planned for Tuesday and city officials were unable to reach Bieber to invite him.

The street is now called, 'Justin Bieber Way' and a sign was made for it. It cost just $20.

So in the end, Justin Bieber is finally getting his 'Way.'

'Oh baby, baby.'