Texas State Parks now looking for corporate sponsorship

All departments in the state of Texas which received funds from the government have had to make some substantial cuts over the last few legislative sessions, and more may be in store beginning in January.

In an effort to offset some of those cuts, legislators came up with an interesting proposal that could bring in some much needed money... in the form of corporate sponsorships.

It's not designed to be major signage along the rim of the Palo Duro Canyon or even anything especially noticeable at the park...but in the coming months, you will probably be seeing some corporate sponsorships with the Texas parks and wildlife department. Lawmakers approved the first of its kind state funding during their last session to offset the more than 114 million dollars in cuts to that department alone, according to Darcy Bontempo with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

"As I said, this has never been done before I don't have anything to base it on..and we'd be happy to see 10 companies step up and provide the minimum level of commitment."

Mostly it will probably be a sharing of corporate logos and brands on websites, pamphlets and things like that...and for state parks, it's sure to be a welcome financial boost in the budget.

"We're excited about these partnerships and it's a good alternative source of funding for the parks and hopefully a sustainable source of funding too," said Palo Duro canyon Superintendent Cory Evans.

Besides a state deficit of 27 billion dollar, the drought and wildfires last year took their toll on the parks and wildlife division so having any new money come in, especially through new avenues should help them out immensely.

"I think it can be a win-win it just has to be done well," added Bontempo.

Which should also mean more money divide up at places like the canyon... a sentiment echoed by Evans.

"It's an excellent opportunity for us to capitalize on alternative sources we have explored in the past and to find a source for the state's parks and wildlife division and maybe other area, we're looking forward to seeing where this goes."