Texas ranks poorly in child well-being report

Letters and pictures that describe the feeling of hunger for children in Amarillo fill the entrance of Snack Pak 4 Kids.

The Kids Count Report ranks Texas as one of the top 10 worst states when it comes to child well-being, and it also notes that the state isn't making any improvements.

"This annual report is very important to any non-profit that works on serving families, because it shows the outcome of what we're doing," Elia Moreno of Cal Farley's said.

The report ranks each state in four different categories: economic well-being, education, family and community and health. While health remains one of the biggest concerns to people in the Amarillo community.

"If they're living in a food desert and they're not nourished the way they need to be, they're not able to concentrate, their mind is saying, 'What will I eat next?'" Moreno said.

One cafe in East Amarillo is working to change that.

"There was a kid that came to me that was hungry, and he had been digging in my dumpster for food," Pastor Johnny Rinehart said. "It lights a fire in your heart to want to do something."

Every Wednesday Rinehart and a group of volunteers from Christian Heritage Church feed 30-100 children a hot meal for dinner.

And according to Moreno initiatives like the one Rinehart is making can help reduce the number of children living in poverty.

"It has to be a community effort to remove the stigmas, stereotypes and judgments we have about people in poverty," Moreno said.