Texas ranks as most disaster-prone state

Tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes... all devastating natural disasters. Disasters that could happen right here at home.

The Lone Star State has now been listed among the states with the highest risk of these natural disasters by Sperling's Best Places. Sperling's Best Places is a publisher of city rankings who attempted to assess a combination of weather disasters and earthquakes for American metropolitan areas.

The risk of twisters and hurricanes were based on historical data while earthquale risks were based on U.S. Geological Survey assessments.

Within the top 10 cities with the highest risk, are three Texas cities:1. Dallas, Plano, Irving 3. Corpus Christi7. Austin, Texas

In the map below, you can see the cities with the lowest and highest risk, The state of Texas has several red dots, marking a high risk of disasters.

Photo courtesy The New York Times