Texas ranked 11th in nation for highest auto premiums

According to a new study by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners, Texas auto premiums are among the highest in the country.

The report shows state-by-state data given to insurance regulators, policymakers and consumers.

State Representative John Smithee said the Texas rates are pretty good right now, but the large amount of urban area in the state is a big factor causing auto insurance premiums to be on the rise. More people in an area result in more traffic accidents, and with the current inflationary trends increasing the prices of vehicles, the cost of repairing them is going up, as well.

"The things that we have to watch are number one- the cost of repairs," Smithee said. "The other thing is medical care and the cost of medical care because that can be a driver in higher rates."

Fortunately for drivers, insurance companies constantly compete with one another to gain customers.

"What we're primarily interested in here in Texas is to make sure that we continue to have a competitive market," stated Smithee. "In other words, we have carriers that will come in and write if some carriers raise their price higher than what would be indicated."

One local auto insurance customer has been with the same insurance company for nearly 12 years and she said she does not mind paying the higher premium as long as her company takes care of her. She would rather pay a higher cost and be protected than switch to another company or go without insurance.

"I have considered it, but with the research I've done I have the best deal where I'm at now," La Rhonda Lee said. "The longer you're with a company, the better discounts you do get."