Texas Panhandle counties seeing more food insecurity

At the old volunteer fire department in Quitaque, city leaders such as the mayor, the city manager, a county and city commissioner, are volunteering to distribute food to area folks from the High Plains Food Bank.

The Food Bank delivers in the area two to three times a month. The same delivery also helps folks in Turkey, Flomat and Silverton.

"Weâ??re low to moderate income. Weâ??re one of the poorer counties," says City Manager Maria Merrell.

But there are other issues.

There are older residents on fixed incomes, some too ill or disabled to shop for food.

There are fewer jobs as more folks leave the counties and businesses go with them, including grocery stores.

Thereâ??s a store in Quitaque but not in Turkey or Silverton. Folks have to drive to Tulia or Lockney to shop for groceries.

Zack Wilson, Director of the Food Bank says, "Fifteen percent of people in the Panhandle are looking at food insecurity at one time or another."