Texas News Minute

HOUSTON (AP) - Authorities say they don't expect to file charges against one of the men involved in an argument that escalated into gunfire at a community college near Houston. The other man is charged with aggravated assault. The two men who were arguing and a bystander were shot yesterday on the North Harris County campus of Lone Star College. Investigators say they don't know what started the fight.

WEATHERFORD, Texas (AP) - Bail is set at $750,000 for a North Texas teenager accused of killing his mother and younger sister. A judge is refusing to drop a capital murder charge in the case of 17-year-old Jacob Evans. State lawmakers are considering a change in the law to create a life sentence for people under 18 who are convicted of capital murder in Texas.

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Two years or four years? Texas senators are drawing lots to determine when their terms will expire. This happens once a decade after all 31 senators stand for election in the same year because of redistricting. Senators who draw odd numbers from a glass bowl get four-year terms, while those who draw even numbers are up again in two years.

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas (AP) - Chase Power is halting plans for a coal-fired power plant on the Texas Gulf coast. In July, a state judge struck down a state permit for the $3 billion plant, arguing that state regulators did not make the project show it would meet air pollution standards.

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