Texas news minute

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Four people are dead after a wreck in San Antonio in which their vehicle was struck by a driver fleeing police. The crash yesterday evening occurred after a patrol officer tried to intervene when one driver appeared to threaten another driver with a handgun. A witness says the gun-wielding suspect fled the scene and eventually crashed into another vehicle carrying two adults and three children.

ROUND ROCK, Texas (AP) - Austin-area police say officers fatally shot a man who allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend, then refused to stand down when confronted by authorities. Round Rock police say they were called to a report of a disturbance yesterday evening. Officials say two officers shot and killed the man after he pointed his gun at them.

FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) - Officials in North Texas say they're getting an increased number of calls for bee removals. A dispatcher for one company says she's getting up to 150 calls a day. Dr. Sonia Swiger with the Texas Agrilife Extension Service says the "swarm season" was extended this year due to a cool spring. The swarms typically won't hurt people as long as they're left alone.

RENDON, Texas (AP) - A youth pastor has been identified as one of the victims of a massive wreck in North Texas that left four dead and at least six injured. Alsbury Baptist Church in Burleson says youth minister Brian Jennings was one of the people killed in the crash on Saturday near Rendon. Authorities believe a disabled vehicle was hit, causing a wreck involving an SUV, two pickups and a car.

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