"Texas" musical: 'The show must go on'

The cast of the "Texas" musical drama plans to honor the five members who died in a car crash in August 2013.




a tragic car crash killed five cast members of the musical drama "Texas,"

those involved sa


it's important for the show to go on


Reilly Downes who played Parmalee Flynn last year said, " We'll continue to share our awesome memories of our cast members and hopefully it will be an inspiration to those who are new to the show."

One season after

tragedy struck

, a band of brothers and sisters was created.

Executive Director Kris Miller said,



his last summer, we had a really good group



mean everybody was really solid.
It was a good family and of course the tragedy at the end of it, nobody knew what was going to happen."

Multiple reports said the group was returning from a cast party just one week before the end of the season. Those killed were Julian Arredondo, Clinton Diaz, Andrew Duncan, Eric Harrison and Amanda Starz.


ownes said the cast members of "Texas"

decided it was best to finish out the remaining week




t's definitely a hard thing to do


but coming back is something that us just so fulfilling

," Downes said.


ust having our five guardian angels with us is the biggest blessing

Miller said the history the musical and the memory of the 2013 season will always be a reminder of how strong one community can be.



hey will never be out of our hearts

," Miller said.