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      Texas man walks again with robotic suit

      CNN -- He calls himself Robo-Joe.

      An Austin man - paralyzed for more than five years - is once again learning how to walk.

      Twice a week, you'll find Joe Fischer walking the halls of St. David's Hospital with the help of some amazing technology.

      He fell from a deer stand back in 2009, broke four vertebrae in his back and damaged his spinal cord.

      But through this robotic suit of sorts, called Rewalk, Joe is back on his feet.

      Dr. Juan Latoree is the medical director of the spinal cord injury and amputation program at St. David's Rehabilitation Hospital, and he's the reason that Rewalk is here. But even he doubted its capabilities at first.

      The video shows how the device works to compensate for the lack of sensation in the body.

      The benefits are pretty amazing, too: better bone density, muscle tone, control of body function. And that's just the physical benefits.

      Fischer said he loves to be able to stand up and kiss his fiancee.

      While just two people have used the suit so far, St. David's will soon expand.

      Rewalk is already approved for home use in Europe, but not in the U.S. Dr. Latorre expects that to change later this year.