Texas Legislature focuses on gun bills

Nearly two weeks into the 83rd Texas Legislature, the Capitol is closed Monday to honor Martin Luther King Day and lawmakers are reflecting on what's been done so far.ã??

Governor Rick Perry says he expects more anti-abortion laws during the session. He said his goal is to make abortion at any state a thing of the past.ã??

However, after the shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut and President Obama's gun control response, lawmakers are focused on both restricting and loosening current gun laws. State Representative Four Price of Amarillo said no one wants to politicize the tragedy, but the President's efforts have required a response.ã??

"There already have been bills filed to carry concealed weapons on college campuses, for instance. There have been more restrictive gun control bills filed, so I think we'll see a little bit of everything in that regard.ã?? What actually makes it through the committee process onto the floor of the Senate and House has yet to be seen."ã??

Price said many issues are expected to be covered this session, but he'd like to see more attention paid to roads.ã??

"We have needs both in rural areas for safety, and we need to make sure roadways are maintained, that we have good shouldersâ?¦but in our more urban areas as the population grows in those areas, we must account for that as well."ã??

The session is scheduled to end May 27, 2013.