Texas Hunger Initiative brings regional office to Amarillo

Baylor University's Hunger Initiative is in the process of opening 12 regional offices around the state. They have chosen Amarillo to open one of its new facilities.

With support from local anti-hunger organizations, the extension of Baylor University will use its resources toward a systematic path to end hunger.

"We have decided that we see academia as a means to a greater end. That greater end being what we can do to ultimately reduce hunger and poverty," says director Jeremy Everett.

Using a business-like approach, the initiative hopes to not only decrease hunger amongst Amarillo residents, but also establish a model for continued success across the nation.

"We'll work with the communities to develop business solutions to social problems so that we can potentially look at profit-driven solutions to ending hunger. So that when the economy's bad, we don't lose all of our food, all of our philanthropic efforts".

Local non-profit agencies say they are excited for the collaborative effort to end hunger around the Panhandle. "Anytime we can have multiple ideas put together to solve that problem, it's exciting to bring any ideas we can from outside our area," says Snak Pak 4 Kids founder, Dyron Howell.