Texas family pushes to make euthanasia for terminal patients legal

CNN - A Texas family is fighting to make euthanasia of terminal patients legal in Texas, stating they don't want other families to go through the pain that they have endured.

"I had no idea, no idea, what my family was about to endure," said Bradley Newton, grandfather of Natalie Newton.

At 19-months-old, Natalie was a busy, happy toddler until September when those busy little feet took her into the family's backyard pool near Corpus Christi. Natty, as the family likes to call her, was revived.

'It was just horrible. Blind and deaf and can't move; can you imagine?" Newton said.

After more than an hour without oxygen, doctors determined that she would ultimately not survive.

"You think that dreadful thought, 'We can't let her live like this, and you can't believe you just thought that.'"

The hospital's ethics committee agreed.

"It's crazy because what you are relieved for is the most horrible thing in the world," Newton said.

Because the question then became, how, exactly, would Natty die? Withholding nutrition, as it's nicely put, was the only option that Texas allowed.

And it took more than eight-and-a-half long, awful, agonizing days.

"That's just the most cruel, inhumane thing," Newton said. "We euthanize dogs for humanity reasons, we euthanize serial killers but, a 21-month old baby has to starve for almost nine days?"

Newton said his family has been traumatized by the process and is traveling the state sharing her story in the hope of forcing change for Natty's sake.

"I want the laws changed so you have an option to go peacefully if you want for the dignity of yourself and your family."