Texas awash in pro-gun fervor

This past weekend the National Rifle Association held their annual convention in Houston.

Governor Rick Perry showed his interest in weapons.

And by a voice vote, the Texas House passed no fewer than 12 pro-gun bills.

David Erwin and Erwinâ??s Pawn Inc. applauds the moves.ã?? "It is our right to be able to carry weapons.ã?? Thatâ??s what makes us a free country."

One bill would create school marshals that public schools could hire to increase security.

Canyon Police Chief Dale Davis says thatâ??s fine, but that situation is difficult.ã?? "One thing theyâ??ll have to think about is what if thereâ??s a 13, 14 year old kid whoâ??s the shooter?ã?? Will they be prepared to take that step, to stop whatâ??s going on with that kid?ã?? Thatâ??s a hard decision to make."