Tensions run high during downtown revitalization public meeting

The downtown Amarillo skyline might look a little different in a few years.

That is, if the ongoing revitalization plans continue.

Monday night, Downtown Amarillo Inc. hosted a public meeting to get local feedback about the possible construction of a Multi-Purpose Venue, hotel and parking garage in the center of the city. Feedback, they say, that is very important.

"You're listening to their questions, you're answering their questions, you're providing input back to them, they're providing input to you that helps shape the direction of the overall project to make sure it's successful", said Director of Economic Development for Wallace Bajjali Development Partners Joseph Esch.

So, it was feedback they got...some "for" the revitalization...

"I think it's needed, especially in this recession. I think any kind of job growth or just to bring tourism, anything we can do to help Amarillo out I believe we as citizens are obligated and should help out", said local citizen Cody Evans.

Some "against" it...

"I don't think it's something that we need right now. We are in a recession, we are in a drought", said another Amarillo local Joseph Hayes.

"Making sure that they don't somehow default and charge us taxpayers for this", said member of Amarillo Citizens for Property Rights, Jimmy Hammons.

A lthough the project reportedly will not raise taxes for property owners , people were concerned about that, as well as the economy, the drought and even the noise level the project might create.

B ut, Downtown Amarillo Inc. says acknowledging these concerns is what these meetings are all about.

"This isn't the first, this is one in a series and it certainly won't be the last", added Esch.