Teen pushes friend to safety, truck hits him instead

Kameron Howell-Meeker (left) sustained several injuries after pushing Ellie Fielder out of harm's way when a truck barrelled toward them.

CNN -- An Oregon teen said he was just helping a friend in need when he pushed her out of the way of a truck.

Ellie Fielder and Kameron Howell Meeker met a month ago when they were both new to Rex Putnam High School.

They were walking together when he saw a grey pickup screech and swerve.

He grabbed her arm and pushed her out of harm's way when the car was coming.

The truck hit him, damaging his knees, compressing his spine, breaking his pelvis, and tearing several ligaments.

CNN's Erica Nochlin spoke with the teens who say they'll now be friends for life.