Teen Christmas asks community for help

"Say that we had enough for 300 kids, the 301 child won't get anything from us", said D.J. Stubben with Amarillo Teen Christmas as she talked about the program's need for donations.

Unfortunately, that could be the sad truth for some teenagers around the Amarillo area this Christmas unless the community helps the program Teen Christmas reach it's donation goal.

"If your church, if your civic club can even sponsor one child," said Stubben, "if every church is Amarillo sponsored one child, if they provided that $50 gift, we'd have everybody taken care of."

Teen Christmas picks up where the Salvation Army's Angel Tree program leaves off, helping less fortunate teenagers in school ages 13 to 17 by giving them a $50 gift card to Walmart for new clothes and shoes.

"Last year we served over 400, this year we expect it'll be a least that many if not more", she added.

Right now, they only have enough donation money to serve about 200 teens and they need the communities help.

"Some of these kids are in volatile situations," Stubben said. " W hen they grow up they can go one way or the other and the impact that this gift from the community is going to change a lot of their lives."

B ecause it's not just about making sure they have a Merry Christmas, it's about shaping their future.

"You're investing in the character of these children for what they'll be later on," she added. "Can you imagine the difference that it makes? You can make a difference in a teenager ' s life."

You can make a donation to Teen Christmas online by visiting the Welcome Pardner website and clicking on Teen Christmas or by dropping by either Access Community Credit Union or Interstate Bank in Amarillo.