Tearful goodbyes given to pilot and crew members of Rico air ambulance crash

Community members honored the victims and comforted others in mourning. (Colby Smalzel, ABC7 Amarillo)

A memorial was held Thursday at Hillside Christian Church in honor of the pilot and crew members of the Rico air ambulance that crashed on April 28.

It was a tearful service that paid tribute to Robin Shaw, Misty Nicholson and Scott Riola.

"Misty, Scott and Robin were incredibly good people,” said the president of Rico Aviation Richard Coon. “They were great people. We will never forget them and we will always miss them."

Community members honored the victims and comforted others in mourning.

"Celebration of life is important because the light that shines through an individual does not just end at the end of their life but their memory and imagination through reminiscing and remembering goes on,” said senior pastor Tommy Politz.

Hundreds of first responders, family and friends attended the service say their goodbyes.

"So many lives are hurting today, but with prayer, family support and time we will all come out of this storm on the other side where the sun will shine again,” said Coon.

Coon encouraged first responders to continue their service in memory of the lives they lost.

"To all first responders, police, firemen, EMS and other aeromedical personnel that are here with us today, honor Robin, Scott and Misty by continuing your dream,” said Coon. “Your courage is our protection."

"That's what Robin, Scott and Misty really gave their lives for, it was for the service of community,” said Politz. “When there's a great need, it's not about the words, it's about a ministry of presence. When it comes to this community ministering to one another that's really what matters most."

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