Teacher's aide showers special needs child


Williams says she was shocked after her special needs first grader at Sanford-Fritch Elementary was showered by a teacher's aide without parental consent.

"Last Thursday she was given a shower at the school, they took her down to the office and stripped her down, and they put her in the shower and washed her body. They told her that they were doing it because her naughty spot was dirty", says Williams.


illiams also claims she tried reaching out to
Sanford-Fritch ISD, but was turned away. "They told me that's their standard procedure. That they don't contact the parents beforehand, that they don't have to have parental consent".

Fritch Police Department was also unable to comment on the incident until there is a full written complaint to the department."Whether or not a crime has been committed I really can't say until I get a full statement from mom", says Fritch Chief of Police, Monte Leggett.

Leggett was able to clear up confusion about the event. "If something is done with the intent to create arousal, or to gratify oneself, there could be a crime involved".

"We as the police have to prove the elements of an offense for us to move forward with it. If we can't do that then basically there's not a crime"

It is still unclear whether the act was considered illegal. "If we can clearly define under the penal code, or the code of criminal procedure, what has happened, then we appropriately submit that to either the county attorney or the district attorney within our county", says Leggett.