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      TCFA beefs up donations to High Plains Food Bank

      I n a time when the price of food is increasing right along with the demand for it, the High Plains Food Bank is continuing to find itself in need of beef.

      N ow, the Texas Cattle Feeders Association is stepping up to help.

      T he TCFA Industry Relations Committee is asking its members to donate a steer or heifer to the food bank to help make sure the food bank has enough meat to keep feeding the 180 agencies it supports.

      "This initiative with Texas Cattle Feeders Association will allow not only ranchers but feedlots as well to donate to the food bank and hand over the meat that they either no longer have or want to donate and then we can turn around and put it to good use," said Executive Director of the High Plains Food Bank, Zac h Wilson.

      T he High Plains Food Bank has partnered with TCFA for this program for the past several years.