TCCE Members Get Down to Business

The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce is playing host to the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Conference.

After some fun and games, it was time to get down to business as the conference got underway today at the Civic Center.

Around 200 Chamber of Commerce members from all across Texas gathered Sunday, June 23, 2013 to collaborate and share on how to improve their community's businesses and quality of life.

Chief Executive Officer for TCCE, Aaron Cox said that TCCE is the professional association for Chamber of Commerce professionals across the State.

â??We work with everyone from the CEO level to the staff level and our primary mission is to provide education and to teach them how to run more effective and efficient organizations.â?? said Cox.

This year's conference is focused on the business aspect of communities, working with legislation, as well as the internal organizations of chambers. Members will also take part in several educational sessions, with key note speakers.

Keynote speaker and author, Glenn Shepard was the opening speaker for todayâ??s sessions. He focused his lectures on how to help businesses.

â??Even though Texas is doing better than most states business wise, people are still difficult to deal with and my presentation today is about how to get people to do what they're supposed to do.â?? said Shepard.

Chamber members will also learn from each other, sharing information about their Chamber of Commerce and community.

Chairman of the Board for TCCE, Beth Journeay, said that everyone is working together for the same cause, to benefit their communities. This in turn creates great connections.

â??The best part is that we're going to learn from each other and we're going to talk to each other, visit, and have a good time, but we're constantly learning from each other.â?? said Journeay.

TCCE board members said that they are proud of the Texas Chambers of Commerce members and are confident they will take what they learn back to their communities.

Cox said that TCCE loves the chambers and communities that they serve.

â??Chambers are phenomenal organizations. If you're a business out there and you're not a member, join today because there are a lot of huge benefits to that.â?? said Cox.

Cox said Chambers are here to stay and will represent their communities the best as they can.

Attendees will enjoy the play TEXAS tonight and will continue educational sessions through Tuesday, June 25, 2013.