Taylorâ??s shutting downtown doors

At Taylorâ??s Furniture theyâ??re preparing for their close-out sale in about two or three weeks.

The longtime retailer on Polk Street is closing its doors and moving the operation to their 45th and Western location.

Theyâ??ve been in Amarillo since the 1940s and on Polk since the 1970s.

Scott Taylor remembers what it was like in the 1970s, "Nothing was going on and interest rates were at 14%. It was rough."

But the store thrived under the management of Stan Taylor.

Current business strategies demand they consolidate the stores.

However, they own the three-floor structure north of the present store.

Taylor said he has plans "Weâ??re not leaving totally. The building next door weâ??ve got an exciting new concept next Springâ?¦Weâ??re very excited about it."