Tax season especially difficult for accountants

Tax season is typically a chaotic time for accountants throughout the nation. This year will be especially difficult with the delay of tax-filing season and the complications it brings along with it.

The fiscal cliff pushed filing dates back eight days from January 22 to January 30th. This means that taxpayers cannot send their taxes in before this time. Because of the new changes, some tax forms for 2012 are still not finalized and some won't be available until February or March. Even their software isn't up-to-date as they wait for the IRS to make their revisions.

Local Certified Public Accountant, Tim Elkins says these set back aren't even his biggest problem. It's the taxpayers.

"It's dealing with people and making sure they understand why they can't file their taxes until later and telling them that they might not get their refund as fast as possible," said Elkins.

Taxpayers should not expect a refund check until at least late February.