Tax preparers help Amarillo residents complete returns for Tax Day 2013

April 15th, also known as Tax Day, marks the end of the IRS filing period.

Residents around Amarillo rushed to local tax preparers to complete their taxes before midnight.

"I waited until the 15th because I kind of was on vacation all year so I really didn't get a big amount to put in, so I was kind of waiting last minute to spend the money," said Marie Ochoa of Amarillo.

Brown, Graham and Company's Director of Communication Judy Stark said that even the professionals aren't exempt from last-minute filing.

"I can't really say why people don't get their tax information into their CPA on time, and I hate to admit it, but I was one of them," said Stark.

Tax preparers like H&R Block, and Certified Public Accountants at Brown, Graham and Company are working throughout the night to accommodate late filers. For those doing their own taxes this year, U.S. Post Offices around Amarillo will postmark mail for April 15th until midnight.

Stark said that although CPAs have been preparing for months, the 2012 tax season was a little different than previous years.

"We had a lot of delays of course, again, Congressional things due to the fiscal cliff and that delayed everything for CPA firms, filers, forms, everything. So this has been a very unusual tax season

," said Stark.

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