Tax free weekend: Blessing or curse?

At ten o'clock Monday morning, the walkways in the mall were practically empty. But you can bet that this weekend, that will not be the case.

Tax free weekend starts Friday and Westgate Mall and stores like Target are already preparing for the huge influx of shoppers they're expecting to see.

"It's an ongoing thing as far as the promotions that go on whether it's buy one get one for 50% off or for free or a percent off the entire store. You'll see a little bit of everything going on", said Westgate Mall Marketing Manager, Kari Holman.

"We certainly make sure that the items that are in the ad for the weekend are out. We may do some additional bulk stacking or flexing of products that we think are going to be a great seller and additional team members on the weekends to help provide great guest service and a quick, fast checkout so we can get them in and out and on their way", said Target Store Team Lead, Barry McDonald.

A few things shoppers can get tax free during the holiday weekend are clothing, backpacks, other school supplies and shoes...and if you're thinking ahead, maybe even a few Christmas list items.

"It is a good break and it is an opportunity for like me with grown kids, you know, to at least get some Christmas shopping done", said one local shopper.

But not everyone is willing to fight the inevitable crowds just to save a few bucks.

"Getting in and out of the mall is, it's not worth it to save like a few dollars. She's already gotten her clothes for school, she's set, so we're not going to attempt to come out", added another exasperated shopper.

S o, if you're not into packed parking lots, crowded stores and long check out lines , hiding out at home might be worth more that the tax free items on the shelves.

I f you do decide to brave the crowds and spend more than $200 at the mall on apparel or shoes, you could get a mall gift card for 10% of what you spend.

All you need to do it take all of your mall receipts dated from the tax free weekend to the customer service booth in the mall to claim your card.

To find out exactly what items are are going to be tax-exempt, click here.