Task force shakesdown Curry County Detention Center

Members of a special task force shake out drugs and weapons.

A shakedown of the Curry County Adult Detention Center has yielded weapons, drugs and other items not allowed.

Members of the Curry County Detention Center, New Mexico State Police and a special task force from the New Mexico Corrections Department raided the inmate cells to determine any security threats.

"The purpose for this shakedown was to conduct a thorough search of the facility to locate and remove contraband," said Undersheriff Wes Waller "includiong illegal items and items possessed by the inmates that are prohibited by County policy."

The special task force set up to make these kind of searches is called the Security Threat Intelligence Unit (STIU). This task force was setup to assess security of jail facilities, identifying threat concerns, and checking security practices.

The search for contraband consisted of checking mattresses, fishing through hollow-legs of tables and chairs, and clothing. STIU members strike the facility fast and early to catch inmates off-guard.

Officers organize the inmates belongings, sorting them into approved and unapproved categories, as determined by the inmate's code of conduct.

Inmates are taken to a recreational area where they wait for the task force to complete their search.

According to Waller the team found shanks made from normal items, razors, and a hand drawn map of the detention center. Also, found were prescription narcotics, methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia.