Tascosa High School students start snack shack to battle hunger

Tascosa High School is now the first high school in Amarillo Independent School District to have a Snack Pak 4 Kids "Snack Shack" to keep students fed over the weekend.

The Friends in Service for Hunger of FISH Club at Tascosa has been working on getting the "Snack Shack" since the summer. It's a student lead program.

"It means I can actually help out my school in a different way then just helping teachers grade homework. I can actually directly help my peers in their learning and education," said Tascosa High School Senior, Hannah Lovett.

"I didn't realize it was such a big problem at Tascosa. When we first came out with the idea I was really hesitate. It seems like a big project this seems like a big deal," said Tascosa High School Senior, Fallon Fristoe.

Snack Pak 4 Kids says their data shows Tascosa has the highest number of homeless kids. What's different about this program, students in need don't go to a pantry to pick up their food, it's done through technology.

"We have a website setup on Tascosa's homepage and the students can go in log in with their student ID number and they're able to place their order of what they want in their bag," said Lovett.

That bag is then delivered to their favorite teacher. The students benefiting from the program are even involved packing the bags, but it's done all anonymously.

"What we will do here will be something we will quickly duplicate at Amarillo High hopefully by the first week of December and then across our city, but I think more importantly there's already been a lot of interest outside of Amarillo on this concept," said Snack Pak 4 Kids Founder, Dyron Howell.

The students have been working to get the pantry started by getting sponsorship from area businesses like Maxor National Pharmacy and United Supermarket. The students tell Pronews 7 they couldn't be more excited to setting the standard other schools will follow.