Tanner's win shocks political science officials

The battle for Potter County Judge has come to an end, but it's not the ending some residents expected.

"We expected a run-off," Political Science Professor Dave Rousch said. "I think we're still in shock."

Nancy Tanner, the only candidate left standing, made


as the first female elect Potter County Judge.

Rousch said, to win with 50 percent of the total vote in a race with five candidates is unusual, more so is a clean sweep of each precinct, which is exactly what Tanner did.



t the local level

with so few voters, when you start thinking about splitting a couple
thousand voters five ways, it's just rather unusual," Rousch said.

Rousch said



American behavior for voters to vote against a particular candidate rather than for one.

However, with a total of 7,316 residents casting their votes by 7 p.m., Tanner walked away with 3,694 votes, slightly more than 50 percent.



here was always a chance at 10


and 12 o'clock that it might have kicked back to a runoff

," Rousch said.


t really could have because she

was awfully close to that 5

0 percent."


Tanner 50 percent was more than enough.



won by
50 percent plus 35 votes so that's squeaking through, but I won because of that," Tanner said.

Bill Bandy came in second with 1,444 votes and Debra McCartt with 1,263 votes.

Since there is no democratic challenger, Tanner will take office in January 2015.