Take a vet to school day

SuddenLink Communications and the History network have partnered up again to provide Amarillo with Take a Vet to School Day. The program is geared towards teaching students what it means to be a veteran, what Veterans Day is all about, and the importance of the upcoming holiday.

Austin Middle School eighth graders listened to four local veterans share stories and talk about what Veterans Day means to them.

"It's important for the students to know what these veterans have done for them and for their country and where we are today and SuddenLink is proud to honor those veterans as well as educate our students on the importance of the holiday," said Carrie Irwin, SuddenLink Communications.

Speakers included Jack Barnes of America Supports you Texas, Eddie Milan a World War II veteran, Major Robert Dempsey who served in Vietnam, and Cleatus Lebow who survived the USS Indianapolis in WW II.

"I hope they learned enough about World War II and wars even after that to really appreciate the veterans, and be able to honor those that gave their lives for our country more than anything else," said Cleatus Lebow.

This was the third year for the Take a Vet to School Day program here in Amarillo.