Tahoe the Bear gets second chance at life

Dave Marquis, ABC, visited Tahoe the Bear this week after the cub appeared mysteriously at an animal rescue group.

ABC - There's a big mystery surrounding a little bear cub at South Lake Tahoe.

Apparently, the cub was left all alone at a local animal rescue group, and nobody knows how she got there.

Tahoe the Bear, just five pounds and 10 weeks old, was dropped off by someone on Tuesday at the Bear League offices in Homewood, on Lake Tahoe's west side.

No one knows where she came from when she was somehow separated from her mother while still in her den, but she is a lucky little bear. She doesn't have teeth yet, and would most likely have been dead by now if not for her rescue.

Her caretakers are careful to let Tahoe do her own thing to help her stay as wild as possible. The hope is that Tahoe the Bear will grow to about 85 or 90 pounds and perhaps in a year or so from now will be able to return to the wild just like the other cubs who live there.