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      TABC wants you to weigh in on alcohol sales at gun shows

      CNN -- G un buyers could soon be able to grab a cold one while browsing merchandise at gun shows in Texas.

      The state alcoholic beverage commission is considering the proposal. But reaction is mixed.

      For Chuck from Waxahachie, the gun show meant a new scope for an AR-15...a modest purchase considering the 400 tables of merchandise inside.

      Like similar shows, this one boasted fire arms of every shape, finish and caliber.

      What you haven't been able to buy at the shows, though, is alcohol.

      But that could change if new regulations are approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

      Chuck has seen accidents happen at previous events.

      "I've been at a gun show where a gun has gone off before," he said.

      Still, he's confident in the safety precautions at gun shows and doesn't think that alcohol service would make them less safe.

      TABC currently bans alcohol during gun shows, even during set up and breakdown.

      Proposed changes would allow drinks to be sold if live ammo is banned, firearms are disabled, and buyers can't take ownership of the new weapons right away.

      But some have reservations.

      And some families introducing young ones to the hobby see the addition of alcohol sales as problematic.

      Before the issue goes to a vote, the TABC is asking for the public to weigh in on the potential changes. The 30-day comment period started Aug. 8.

      If the new regulations are passed, a written agreement between the venue owner and the gun show operator must be approved by the TABC a month in advance before alcohol can be served.