TABC updates to online permits, renewals

The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has begun the process of putting alcohol permits and renewals online for business owners to access.

Right now, simple permits have been added to the website. The agency is currently working on getting all other applications online, as well.

"This is something we've been working toward for several years now- changing the business process that we have and updating our technology so that we can reach that goal of online applications," TABC Director of Communications and Governmental Relations Carolyn Beck said.

Hoffbrau Steaks Owner Mike Fogiel said he thinks the change is a new idea, and that it will make things easier for him when it comes time to renew permits.

"You'll be putting information in online instead of you writing it down and then someone inputting it," he said. "It's all right there. Instead of running around to two, three different entities, you go online and do it and it'll be a time-saver. It'll be better for the state, which is better for the budget."

According to Beck, the new process will also make things easier for TABC. The agency will not be responsible for data entry. Instead, all submitted information will go directly into a database, leaving less room for errors.

"We found it is cost-prohibitive for us to have online applications for licenses because of the difficulties in the various ways that all the different counties handle the applications."

She added the legislature, between sessions, will focus on researching streamlining for the licensing process.