Suspicious fire investigation

Several suspicious fires broke out Monday night in the Sleepy Hollow/Puckett Area. The Fire Marshal's office is now investigating. Luckily, they were small brush fires, no homes were damaged and no one was hurt. The fires started around 10:00pm Monday night and for about two hours firefighters put on seven fires. Starting in the 7500 block of Elmhurst, 3400 block of Tripp, 7600 block of Sleepy Hollow, 5300 block of Fulton, 4300 block of Charles, 3900 block of Eaton and the corner of Westlawn and Carolina. Most were brush fires. But one did spread to a nearby shed, a vehicle also caught fire. Investigators are now trying to figure out what happened.

" Anytime you have an usual looking fires it 's going to get the attention of the Fire Marshal and his investigators. Obviously, multiple fires at the same time in multiple areas certainly looks unusual it doesn't happen that often so it's going to be investigate by the fire marshals office. We don't have all the facts just yet, so it might be a little to early to say what it is," said Captain Wes Hall, Amarillo Fire Department.

If you have any information on these fires, you're asked to call the Fire Marshal's office at 378-3025 or Amarillo Crime Stoppers 374-4400.