Surrogate feline nurses surrendered puppies

A mother cat had five additional mouths to feed after she took in some Shih-Tzu puppies who were surrendered to Amarillo Animal Control on Sunday.

The mother cat, along with the two surviving kittens she just had, was dropped off on a random person's porch and was then picked up by Animal Control Team Leader Barbara McGregor.

According to Animal Control, the puppies were surrendered after the mother died while giving birth to them. When they were brought in, McGregor got the idea to put them with the mother cat to see if she would fed them. Sure enough, she immediately took to them, nursing and cleaning them as if they were her own.

McGregor said in the past they have put babies with different mothers in hopes the babies could feed. But this was the first time they put cats and dogs together. McGregor said the cat's milk is healthier for the puppies than formula.

The puppies' owner reclaimed them Monday afternoon, but the mother cat and her two babies are still in need of a foster home.

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