Supreme Court rules in favor of Hank Skinner

Photo Courtesy of the Texas Tribune

The United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of Henry "Hank" Skinner. The court ruled 6-3 Monday morning to allow Skinner to continue his fight to get crime scene evidence DNA tested, which he claims will prove his innocence. The ruling also means that Skinner will not be executed in the near future as he continues his legal battle. The ruling does not mean he has won the right to the genetic testing, merely the right to continue his fight to get the testing done.

Skinner was convicted in 1995 of the 1993 murders of Twila Busby, and her two adult children, Randy Busby and Elwin Caler in Pampa, Texas. Skinner has maintained that he was unconscious during the murders, and was too intoxicated to have been able to commit the crimes.