Sunland Inc. shuts its doors

      S unland Incorporated, the nation's largest organic peanut butter processor, filed for chapter seven bankruptcy on Wednesday. Their products were linked to salmonella outbreaks in 20 cities in September 2012.

      T hey reopened i n M ay but were facing financial trouble due to the voluntary recall and shutdown.

      V ice P resident Paul Newsom confirmed the closure but would not provide more details.

      Sunland used Valencia peanuts, which are unique to the region. They made peanut butter for retailers such as Costco, Kroger and Trader Joe's.

      "I feel sad because the people here, they don't have a lot of jobs and the people need more jobs. And i think it's terrible," said Cecilia Quezada, business owner in Portales.

      F or a town of less than 13,000 people, the closing of Sunland will take a toll on the community.

      " W e will miss them ," said Amanda Tijerina, server at La Paz Restaurant in Portales.

      B usiness owners and workers all worry that they will take a hit.

      " O f course we sell food.. to go and for here. And those guys will probably no longer be coming in. So the economy will take a strike here. As it is, we have a poor economy anyways," Tijerina said.

      S o what's next for the approximate l y 100 former employees? Tijerina said they won't find jobs here.

      " T hey will probably have to head towards Texas. Maybe the oil rigs offering better pay and a little bit more secure positions," Tijerina said.